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publish your photos on the Internet

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How to get technical support

How to get technical support
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All users are entitled to use our free Cream Software community website for technical support. We also strive to provide you with as much material, which is supposed to help you solve problems, as possible. We help to install and unlock our software and we can promise we will try to eliminate all reported bugs and to develop the software to suit our users needs.

The answers to most questions, that are raised in the course of using our software, can be found in the material available from our website. We will constantly update the materials available through our free community website to cover most of the problems you can find.

Among sources of independent technical help that are offered on our website, we can enumerate:

:: FAQ - the "Questions and Answers" section where you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
:: Technical articles - describing different aspects of using our software.
:: Newsletter - periodical, which is sent via e-mail, containing information about newest releases and interesting articles that are published on our website.

Additionaly, our website, which serves as a hub to the user community of our programs, features a discussion forum of mutual help where users share their experiences. It is a place where we try to help solve problems to the best of our capabilities. If you have questions that are not related to purchasing or installing our software it would be better if you could post them in the forum. If they are answered, they can also prove useful for other users. It is also a place (apart from FAQ) where you could search for answers to your questions.

What to do should you have any questions?

:: Question: I have a question related to ordering your software.
:: Answer: Please check out the information in our online store or in the ordering faq or contact our sales department vie e-mail. Contact details are available on the contact page.

:: Question: I have a problem with installing or unlocking your software.
:: Answer: Please contact our technical help department.

:: Question: I do not know how to use the program.
:: Answer: Please try to familiarize yourself with the documentation available in the program, it's really rich. You can also post your questions in our discussion forum. First, however, try finding answers on our website, e.g. in FAQ.

:: Question: The xyz function does not work, what should I do?
:: Answer: Please read the documentation available with the program. You could also try finding a solution to your problem on our website, post your question(s) in the discussion forum or, finally, contact our technical help department.

If you need answers to other questions, please take a look at the tips below. You might find them helpful in locating the answers:

  1. Check the program documentation. We devoted a lot of time to make it the best source of information on how to use our software. PixExpose help is almost 80 pages long.
  2. Remember, before you ask a question make sure no answer is already available in our free community website.
  3. Search our website to find answers to your questions.
  4. Check the Questions and Answers section (FAQ) if it does not already feature the answer to the question you want to ask.
  5. Use the discussion forum to ask your questions and direct them to the users of our software. Additionally, the answers provided to the questions posted on the forum are a potential source of help for other users. Thus, to everybody's benefit, ask your question(s) on the forum.
  6. Write to us, you're always very welcome.

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